Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a month of wandering

So for roughly the past month we've been moving around Uganda for one reason or another. It started as a short trip as a retreat, but then we were afraid that I (andrew) had some disorder, possibly diabetes or hyperthyroidism, that was causing me to lose weight and other things. So we then had to travel to Kampala (the capital) to see a doctor. It turns out they think it was just a parasite, which is good. Then we had to stay a few extra days in Kampala because the roads in Karamoja were too muddy and we were afraid that the bus would get stuck and we'd have to sleep on the way. Once we finally returned to Kotido our team mates were leaving to go south and visit some friends who we really wanted to meet. Therefore we spent two nights in Kotido and then left again.

It's been an interesting few weeks to say the least. We've had some great prayer times though, and I can honestly say we've grown through the time. We are feeling much more at home back here in Kotido than before we left. It was great to come back and already have so many local people here say that they missed us and are happy we are back.

So now we have to learn to be. Our team focus right now is mainly just being and waiting. Yes, we're going to continue to support Rainbow Mike and the orphanage, but he is really great at what he does and just needs us as family to support him which definitely doesn't take all our time. Other than that we really feel like God wants us to focus on language learning, just live here in the culture naturally building relationships, and wait on Him for what's after that. So here we are. We cook. We clean. We go to the market. We visit friends. We walk around town. We Pray. We study the Word. We try to wait on God and we try to figure out what that actually means "wait on God". I as I type this I'm deciding that waiting on God isn't the best way to express what we're doing. It's probably better to say we are doing right now what God has told us to do until he tells us to do something else. I feel like "waiting" makes it sound as if this is just some interim period in which we're fully prepared and just waiting for God to get his stuff together. This period is a gift of preparation from the Father, in which is preparing us and giving us amazing relationships with people around us. This period is just as important as the next. As followers I believe we are just to be faithful to whatever God has for us at that moment and that's that.

This blog has been a bit of an exercise in thinking out loud, but I hope it makes sense. If you remember us in your prayers we'd really appreciate it. You can pray for Visas and Passport stuff to come through for our team, team unity, and that we could be here fully.

As always, hit us with some comments, and we love you ,


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