Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today is the day. We are about to board our flight beginning our 27 hour journey to Uganda. It's been a whirlwind of a month and we're kind of speechless. Thank you soooo much to all our family and friends for being there for us and we will dearly miss seeing you all in person. We'll be in Kampala for a couple of days before finishing our journey to Kotido via a 14 hour landcruiser ride, Lord willing. Our hearts and prayers will remain with our Colorado friends. We are praying for your safety as the fires continue. Alright, gotta board.


Monday, June 18, 2012


A few months ago Kerri and I started praying that God would raise up a network of people around us to support us as we live in Uganda. People to be the body of Christ around us, to pray for us daily as we pray for them, to come alongside us and what God is doing in Karamoja, to be our brothers and sisters, to keep us accountable, to encourage us as we hopefully encourage them, to e-mail us, to call us, to comment on our blog, to just be there. We don't desire to be an emotional sink-hole, but to have relationships that are edifying and life-giving for all involved.

Like I said, that was a few months ago and as I sit here in Canon City, CO drinking coffee from a great little drive-thru coffee stand called Jump Start Java, I am struck with the Father's faithfulness. We've had more than a month of just straight encouragement. The way God has used his body to come around us has been breath-taking.

First there's our Tuesday night bible study/dinner/field-trip/prayer/just amazing friends group. You're amazing and we've missed you all sooo much already. You are all very dear to our hearts.

The Father gave me an amazing boss at Starbucks along with some great co-workers and customers. Now they're all praying for us. You guys were a blast to work with and a daily encouragement for almost a year. I can't wait to see how God uses these relationships down the road (and we're praying for those future little Fletchers to know their heavenly Father's love even before they meet their new earthly father).

Then there's our house church. How can I express what an encouragement you have been. You are spectacular people. Sundays have not been the same without you. I truly look forward to seeing you all next week, except of course we'll miss Jack who will be up camping somewhere in the wilderness.

We were encouraged by not just our own house church but the whole Emmaus Road Network. What a truly great network of people you are. We tell everyone just how encouraged we've been by you. Shout out to the Superior house church as well. And the Hougens - we love you guys.

Staying on the house church theme: we spent an encouraging weekend with (next was) the RiverChurches network, a place part of me still considers home with my other brother and sister Jack and Jaelyn :). Thank you for being invested in us and we'll see some of you in the next couple of days.

There's also Advance Him, which is our mission sending organization. We look forward to being on the team and we are thankful for the support you've already given us.

We were very encouraged as well by Lake Tanglewood Community Church and their pastor Roger Hubbard, who have all supported us non-stop over the years.

Also in Texas we ran into my good friend Tanner Lemons who was super encouraging. We're glad to have him and my old friends Curtis and Colton praying for us. You guys are great, and hopefully next time we can meet up.

We were able to hang out with my old gang of friends from Texas and reconnect before we head out. Thanks Kevi-P, Brett, John, and Nels for a good time.

Then there has been all of my and Kerri's family. We're amazingly blessed with two great families who are nothing but supportive. All of you are a blessing and we love you.

In Louisiana, we met an awesome woman named Ms. Cynthia, who was super encouraging. She talked with Kerri for several hours about Karamoja and was excited to get her church praying for us. Thanks Ms. Cynthia!

All of Kerri's old and my newer friends in Canon City have been so interested in what's going on with us, which is a great blessing. We even ran into an old family friend of the Hunters at a grocery store in Pueblo. Nan was very encouraging and took a handful of prayer cards. Praise God for perfect timing.

Kind of last minute here in Canon City we ended up speaking at the Evangelical Free Church. The missions board was great and we really enjoyed the congregation. Thank you very much for your warm welcome.

Judi at Stamp of Excellence in Canon was super sweet and the stamps she did for us are great. She even said she'd be praying for us.

I probably forgot some people, but we have been truly blessed by ALL of you. I look forward to Karamoja even more now knowing we have such great people back here praying for us. Thank you all so much. Of course, thank you to the Father for knitting your bride together so beautifully and blessing us beyond anything we could imagine.


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