Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snakes, Succoth, and Swimming Pools

The last few months have been elelabun! We have been very busy babysitting, story-telling, hiking, meeting new friends, killing spiders and snakes, and celebrating. Our days have been full.

In the middle of September, my sister Kristi and her husband Kenneth took a long-awaited anniversary trip to Zanzibar while Andrew, myself, and our two short-term girls watched all seven of their children. Let me tell you, it was a long week! J But we survived and more importantly all the kids survived and we finished up the week by meeting Kristi and Kenneth at a friend’s house in Soroti for swimming (in a real pool!) and fellowship. Thank you to the Dwires for your hospitality!

While Kristi and Kenneth were gone, Andrew had the chance to share some Bible stories in the village. We continue to be encouraged by the way God is opening people’s ears to His Word and what it means to follow Him. We look forward to the doors God will open in more villages this dry season as we have easier access to new places.

The beginning of the dry season is bringing lots of snakes and spiders out of the woodwork. We have already killed 5 snakes in the last month (I killed my first just a few nights ago!) and at least one more got away. I also killed my first camel spider the other night. Suffice it to say, I’m ready to move to Kotido where it’s dry and hot and not snake paradise!

We just finished celebrating the week-long festival of Succoth (check out Leviticus 23:33-43 for more info). It was a great week of celebrating God’s provision and all that He’s done for us. We had a good time feasting, worshipping, and fellowshipping together and we enjoyed having a couple visitors from Jinja join us at the end.

Now we are turning our attention back to finishing our huts, which will hopefully be completed by the end of this month. To sign off, here are some pictures of the progress:

This will be our cooking/sitting hut.

Here's our future bedroom.

This is the property we'll be living on.

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